If you would like to buy a Holiday Home to put on our park at Shardlow Marina the first thing to do is to call our office and check the current availability of plots. There is generally a waiting list and plots do not become available very often. However, if one does become available we work our way down the list and inform people. If you are in a position to purchase one at that time the process is quite straightforward and is detailed below...

Once you have decided on a plot we will require a deposit of £500 to hold the plot for up to 3 months whilst you find the Holiday Home of your choice.

We deal with most of the major manufacturers and can provide you with brochures to help you choose. Often the best way to look at the different homes is to go to one of the many exhibitions that are staged around the country throughout the year. One of the largest exhibitions is at the NEC. One is in October and another in February every year. In general the price of a holiday home is dependant upon which park it is placed onto and as such the manufacturers do not readily quote a figure but ask them what their "List Price" is and look at adding around £6,000 - £9,000 + Vat (Depending upon size and specification) for delivery and siting fees. This is a guide to help you find something within your budget. Once you have narrowed it down and found the one you would like, the next thing is to get a formal quotation from our office. Once you have agreed the price and signed to purchase it, you will need to place an order with us and pay a 10% deposit. We will then order the home from the manufacturers and establish a delivery date. We will then purchase the home and arrange the siting and installation of all the services like Gas, Electricity, Water and Drainage. We will also commission the boiler and assemble everything that is required, like Drain downpipes and guttering, plumbing-in of the washing machine, dishwasher, bath & showers etc.

Once it is all ready to be handed over and you have inspected your new holiday home you are required to pay the remaining balance in full. New Holiday Homes do not come with Balconies or Verandas. Permission is required from us to erect Balconies & Verandas as they are plot specific. Where permission is granted, these can to be ordered either beforehand to arrive at the same time as the home or can be left until a later date. This is sometimes a better idea as it enables you to check exactly where you want it to go and to ensure it is going to fit. Bear in mind however that some means of getting up to the door will be required as they are approximately 2 feet above the ground!

We deal with two companies that produce the Balconies & Verandas and we only allow these companies to undertake the job. This ensures some synergy between all of them on the park. We arrange everything for you and you purchase the balcony directly through us. We can advise and give you a quotation for your requirements at any time.

Incidentally, LPG Gas is piped directly to your new home via a meter, as is the electricity. We invoice for these services quarterly. Drains and Water charges are incorporated within the yearly site rental.

Early on in the proceedings you will have been given a copy of the Park Rules along with a Contract and Terms and Conditions, which must be signed by yourselves.