We are a working Marina & Boat Yard offering the following service -


We have two slipways - please see office for details

Boat Hoist

We have a boat hoist for loading and unloading boats to and from lorries  - see office for prices and details

Red Diesel

We sell Red Diesel solely for Heating and Generator use. It is forbidden to use Red Diesel for propulsion methods - Please see office for prices and details


We have facilities to pump-out your Black Water tanks - details from the office

Boat Lay-up

We have facilities to lay-up boats on hard standing for various time periods and details can be obtained from the office

Steam Jet-Wash

We can undertake a Steam Jet-Wash of the hull for you or you can hire our Pressure Washer when preparing the surface of your hull for Blacking.

Anode Replacement

We have a welding expert on site who will be happy to quote for fitting your Anodes. New Anodes can be purchased from the Chandlery and we stock a range of sizes.

Boat Blacking

Boats are booked for hauling out of the marina from Friday to Friday, a week at a time. We can undertake the Blacking Service for you and prices are available in the office.

We can steam/jet-wash your hull prior to applying 2 coats of Blacking. Extra coats can be carried out at an extra cost.

For Boaters wishing to undertake the process themselves, it is suggested that you make sure that you have everything ready to start working on your boat to ensure that the process is carried out within the week. In the event that you go over with time, you can possibly pay for another week of hard standing but only if there is available space and this is not guaranteed! So it is cheaper to ensure you are ready to start working immediately. It is also not the best of situations to be spending nights on end in your boat perched up high on a trailer!

Fitting Out

We have professional boat fitters on our site and they can provide a range of fitting services to your boat. Please ask at reception for further details.