Facilities for Boaters

The Boats on our marina have the option to connect to Electricity and Water Points via strategically placed Service Points on each Pontoon. You are welcome to use the facilities we have in the Services Building. Perhaps some of the facilities listed here may not be used but it is a general list of what is available on site.


Water is not metered and is not charged for separately. It is piped to various points on your pontoon some will obviously be nearer your boat than others. The cost of water is incorporated within your quarterly billed mooring fees.


Electricity is metered and paid by a Quarterly Account direct to the Marina Office.

Wash Room and Shower Block

There is a detached Services Building located near to "The Boatyard" Bar. as you access the site. The Services Building contains Showers, Wash Hand Basins and Toilet Cubicles. Use of the Washroom area and Toilets is free but Tokens are required for the use of the showers and are available from the Main Reception.

Laundry Room

Also located in the Main Services Building, we have a Laundry Room located on the right-hand side of the building entrance, which contains Washing Machines and Drying Machines. Tokens are available from the Main Reception should you wish to use these facilities.

Elsan Points

There are two free to use Elsan Points on-site.

Elsan Point One is located behind the Services Building, by the hedge. There is a pull-in to park a vehicle at the front of the building. Please note that you cannot see the Elsan Point from the road/parking point as it is around the corner of the building!

Elsan Point Two is located in a small purpose-built brick building, situated behind the low fence on the main entrance drive down to the Marina . This has a small Vehicle Pull-in for your convenience.


There are two locations for toilets. One is located in the Main Services Building described above and the other is a separate Port-a-Cabin building which is located near the barrier at the entrance road into the Touring Field (See Site Plan).

Gas Bottles

We sell Bottled Gas and stock all the main sized bottles which can be purchased from our Shop (Over 18's only). Handy in the Summer when you run out in the middle of a Barbeque.


We carry a good supply of different coals suitable for heating your boat.


Fishing is available on the marina but only in designated areas. You are allowed to fish for free off your boat. Fishing from the banks is chargeable - Ask in the Marina Office for details. You are not allowed to fish from Pontoons. Please Note - It is still a requirement to have a fishing rod licence as Water Bailiffs, whilst rarely, can still call by.