Overnight Charges
Electric Hook-up pitch     £20.00
Non-Electric Pitch            £18.00

Rates are for the unit and up to 4 occupants and one car to be parked beside the unit.

Additional Adults             £2.00
Additional Child               £1.00

(5 to 16 years chargeable)


Additional Car                  £2.00
Per Dog (max 2)               £2.00
Awning (all sizes)            £2.00
Pup Tents                         £2.00
Gazebos                           £3.00


Shower Tokens                £0.50p (lasts 20 mins)
Washing Machine            £3.00
Tumble Dryer                   £0.75p (lasts 20 mins)


Toilet Blocks:

Toilet block 1 is situated on the Touring Field with toilet and hand washing facilities.

Toilet Block 2 is sited on the main driveway into the Marina which includes toilets, showers, laundry and pot washing facilities.

Tokens required for the Showers and Laundry are available from the Office.